Measuring and promoting employee commitment and motivation

Increased competition around valuable human resources is inevitable in view of the demographic shift. Since the last economic crisis, the issue of shortage of skilled labour has become a central challenge for companies.

The EmployeeSurvey is based on two different surveys:

  • Interviews with current employees (Relation Check I)
  • Interviews with potential applicants (Relation Check II)

The Relation Check I is an employee survey within the own company, which primarily analyses company leadership and the general mood in view of satisfaction and motivation. The Relation Check II provides an external view of your company’s image among potential employees as well as the career decision factors for the respective target group of employees.



EmployeeSurvey -

  • allows for improved personnel management through awareness of views, opinions, attitudes or value concepts of employees
  • sets a symbol for a culture of open discussion and provides an incentive for all employees and management to reflect on their own behaviour
  • provides incentive factors for potential employees in the sense of employer branding

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