Which attributes make a product successful

Can your product offer an experience to be identified with, and thus create a bond?
The answers can be obtained through elaborate questioning on the current usage, the image and the user experience of the product.

How can non-users be activated?
We investigate the needs and interests of non-users, their perception of brands and products through various communication measures, always in a competitive environment.

Relevant measurement attributes are

  • brand/product recognition (spontaneous/aided) and ad recall
  • usage
  • image of/satisfaction with product/brand
  • optimisation requests/trends from the consumers’ perspective




Usage & AttitudeInsights provides detailed knowledge on

  • image & positioning of the brand/product
  • the usage of the product and the potential for optimisation
  • perceived sales and marketing channels (advertising)
  • the proven price-to-performance ratio (pricing policy, uniqueness)