Reflection on sensitive issues through in-depth interviewing

The in-depth interview is one of the main instruments of psychological market research

This form of questioning aims to uncover the motives and attitudes of the consumer. Causality and interrelationships can be examined which may not have been clear before (preconscious notions which could not yet be verbalised). The interview follows a guideline with the most important questions, which is flexible enough to allow for relatively free-flowing conversation while still enabling the comparison with other interviews.


Structured In-depthInterviews

  • In-depth interviews: Motives and attitudes of the consumer are examined.
  • Expert interviews: Experts from the relevant fields add a valuable contribution to the subject area, which is generally intended for practical implementation. Specific knowledge from experts is analysed.
  • B2B interviews: Interviews at a business-to-business level shed light on the business relationships between organisations and provide strategic information.

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