Analysis of the psychological interrelationship

Learn about the motivation and incentives by which your customers make the decisions relevant to your business:

  • How are new product ideas or new advertising concepts perceived, do they appeal to the target group, where are specific areas for optimisation? What exactly makes them a `top seller´?

  • How is your brand characterised? Which aspects of the brand personality need to be embedded in branding campaigns, how can a unique selling point be created in relation to your competitors?

  • How is the service quality perceived in the contact with your staff? In this context, how are new sales guidelines viewed by customers?



FocusGroup Dynamics

  • provides methods for successful product design and sales pitching
  • can verify behavioural hypotheses with the aid of group dynamics processes
  • offers a high creativity potential through the use of methods such as mind-mapping, collages, role-plays, etc., whose output can be utilised for design, marketing and sales strategies

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