Brand snapshots from the ÖVA in long-term trends

We analyse the results from the ÖVA that are relevant to your brand and compile them in a clear and concise PowerPoint presentation with supporting diagrams.

You gain insights into

  • the usage of your own and related product categories
  • the awareness of your brand and its competitors
  • the usage of your brand and that of its competitors
  • the analysis of socio-demographic groups and target groups
  • the development of your brand and competitors on a timeline
  • the media usage (traditional and new media such as social media)
  • the motives of consumer behaviour
  • and optionally the lifeworlds of your customers, in line with the SINUS-MILIEUS®



Your benefits from the BrandMonitor

  • compact overview of the most important relevant results
  • clearly compiled charts instead of streams of raw data
  • cost-effective for a wide range of statistics
  • scope of report as required: Basic, Basic Plus or Premium
  • fast delivery times